[CRONE] Magazine is a full-color, print publication ​designed exclusively for women “of a certain age.” Currently in the earliest stages of production with a planned launch of early 2020, it is uniquely positioned as the only such magazine in the marketplace.


With an emphasis on health, wholeness and joyful living, the magazine and associated products will assist women in navigating the unique and often challenging crone stage of life. Healthcare professionals and experts on aging, hormones and holistic practices will weigh in with valuable advice for women seeking to live their best lives pre-and post-menopause. Content will include informative, well-researched articles on a spectrum of age-specific issues and topics, as well as alternative approaches to wellness, beauty and fitness.


This is not your typical women’s magazine. The [CRONE] vibe is hip, smart, empowering and fun. The [CRONE] community is informed, engaged and a little rebellious. We embrace wise woman values as we set out to explore new pathways, deeper meaning and renewed purpose.